Here it goes

Here goes nothing… or everything? I suppose this is where I introduce myself to the world of blogging (can you tell this is my first time). I’m a Los Angeles transplant, a thinker, a sister, a friend, a traveler, a lover of dogs, a “Hey can you fix my pants?” seamstress but most importantly I’m Morgan.

For a while I had started feeling inadequate, as if my life wasn’t adding up to what I imagined for myself. And I’m sure many of you can relate. You’re probably thinking “Yeah, that’d be pretty much 99.9% of the world.” And I absolutely agree so I’m glad we are finding common ground already. Well, after a while of feeling like this I was looking for something to turn this feeling around. I ran into something called the reverse bucket lists (of course you could imagine by now that I  have a bucket list stacked full of things I want to accomplish, see, taste, hear, feel, etc.) I have since decided this was the place for me to share all of the things that I DO feel empowered by and probably the occasional “oooo I really want to do x,y and z” and I ever so humbly ask you the reader to check me. It’s all about living in the moment, and showing gratitude for the abundance that life has so selflessly blessed each and everyone of us with.

So, cheers! This is to us, for living the best and truest lives that we have created for ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to step into my world for a few moments of yours, I am truly excited to share this journey with each other.